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We provide professional pet care for all your loved pets. We offer home visits, cat sitting and dog walks to suit your pets individual needs. Your pets receive 100% personalised love and attention while you are away or just need that extra bit of help.


You receive daily updates and pictures of your pets to give you peace of mind and to see what fun (or mischief) your furry friend is having. 

Being animals lovers we have looked after all sorts of pets including cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, birds, mice, fish, frogs and even meal worms! 

YOU and your pets are special and deserve nothing but the best quality care! Your pets are our family and cared for as if they are our own.


Each pet has a unique personality and deserve all the time in the world to be understood and given unconditional love, just as they give us!

Give your pets the luxury of staying in their safe and familiar surroundings where they will be loved and cared for by expert pet carers :) 



Keeping You and Your          Pets Smiling!

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furry friends

Up to two cats or one cat and one dog. $5 additional for each extra pet. 1 x Daily Visit to your home. This includes cleaning and refilling food and water bowls, medicat...
1 Daily Visit To Your Home
$35 is for 1 dog and/or up to 2 cats. $5 additional for each extra cat. $10 additional for each extra dog. 2 x Daily Visits to your home. This includes cleaning and re...
2 Daily Visits To Your Home
$10 for each additional dog. Sniffs, Fetch, Run, Walk - as much as we can fit in an hour!
Dog Walk: Tail-Wagger Stroll
1 hr
$10 for each additional dog. FUN sniffs and happiness for your dog at an affordable rate.
Dog Walk: Tail-Wagger
30 min